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I am a nervous wreck. Anyone that remotely spent time with me knows that this is one of my defining traits. It’s not something to be particularly proud of but still, it’s part of who I am. Why am I that nervous you may ask? Well I don’t really know myself. I know this is not healthy and I wish I could simply be the chill guy type but alas I grew up to be the guy that put so much pressure on himself to be “perfect” or at least irreproachable. This unhealthy relationship with other people’s opinion of me and the need for me to always elevate myself and prove my worth really is inscribed in my everyday life and I can’t really do anything to stop that annoying habit.

This blog is simply named after that trait not because I want to embrace that aspect of me but as a sort of emotional outlet. I find activities involving some creativity to be relaxing and pain relieving. However, like everything I do, creative activities are subject to my perfectionism which can be draining for me too. Still, a blog being a personal place easily customizable, it should be a positive thing for me and it won’t be too hard to maintain in place.

But then, what am I going to post on here? Well, about everything I find remotely interesting. Anything goes in here since I tend to change of centres of interest quite often in a short period of time. Everything on here will be marked with tags, those tags will define the aspects of my blog and allow the readers to find the articles they are interested in rather than going through all my articles that might not be related to their proper centres of interest.

Here it is, the introduction to this blog is almost over now. This leaves me the possibility to ask you to never hesitate to interact with me. Leaving a comment or sending a message show me that what I am talking about is interesting and motivate me to go on. Suggestions are also always welcomed, and I would always be interested in reading other blogs and bond around common interests.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you’ll find this blog interesting!

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